Engine had been recently serviced with a new alternator belt but it still squeals under high load. Problem is the 175 Amp Iskra/Mahle alternator with it’s solid pulley is too much for the 6PK belt running.

The alternator manufacturer fitted an 8PK solid pulley but engine mariniser runs it with a 6PK belt without the wrap achievable in other applications where idler pulleys/tensioners are used. Symptoms are chirping belt, need to frequently retension/replace and black belt dust. The 6PK freewheeling pulley I fit solves the issue.

Alternator bracket on the engine has to be modified to get correct alignment and everything shimmed to suit.

Customer can’t believe the difference and says it’s like a different engine.

2 thoughts on “Engines Plus Canaline 42 Belt Issues”

  1. Hello Ed can Wilma and I take this opportunity to thank you so much for our replacement alternator with special pulley all the vibration has gone tiller shake no more you have just totally changed our boat I can now take my hand of the tiller and it does not go mental I would not have believed that bad alternator would have such a detrimental affect on the handling of our boat once again thank you so much my friend as usual your work is the very best everything so neat and tidy our solar panels battery monitor everything is just so good and very tidy all the best to you my friend Cheers Dave n Wilma

    1. Thanks for the kind comment. Great feedback and I’m really pleased it’s made such a difference! Cheers, Ed

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