**NEW** Beta 43 200A Bosch upgrade replacing the 175A & 95A factory fitted Iskra (Mahle). Excellent cooling provides a step up in continuous rated output (compared with factory 175A). Must be fitted with an external regulator to pull back crank loads at tickover.

**NEW** Isuzu 12V 200 amp Bosch alternator conversion. 6PK poly-v crank pulley conversion. Folded stainless steel bracket & adjusting arm. Transforms charging performance on the Isuzu Canaline 35, 42 & 55 engine. Scroll down for pic/clip. Requires an external alternator regulator to manage loads at lower engine speed. Example here https://www.instagram.com/p/CbI2tKtDhnp/ charging lithium.

**NEW** Barrus Shire 200 amp Bosch alternator conversion. 6PK poly-v crank pulley conversion running a freewheeling clutch alternator pulley. Up to 3.5:1 pulley ratio. Fits many 30/35/40/45/50 engines and replaces the discontinued 110A Prestolite 35214420 (Barrus P/N RDG5725) running on a V belt – more details on my Alternator Upgrade page. Example here https://www.instagram.com/p/CausPpxD41m/ charging lithium.

**NEW** Beta 38 Canaline 200 amp Bosch alternator conversion. Transforms charging characteristics and performance. Requires an external alternator regulator to manage alternator load at lower engine speeds. Example here https://www.instagram.com/p/CZxAj7TDHo4/ charging lithium.

A picture is worth a thousand words – My Instagram account shows photos of recent jobs and gives a good idea of the type of work I’m getting involved in and what you can expect. https://www.instagram.com/four_counties_marine/ 

I’m a long established (20+ years) hard working independent narrowboat electrician and take pride in my work. I’ve gained my knowledge, experience and reputation working with top quality Boat Builders and Boatyards. I keep right up-to-date with the latest standards and developments in technology.

I specialise in work associated with power:

I’m properly setup with the tools, equipment & knowledge to tackle the jobs that I specialise in and work from a well stocked van & workshop. All of my work is done to the highest professional standards using top-quality parts and equipment.

Based from my workshop near Leek, Staffordshire, my central location covers many popular canals and marinas. Specifically insured to work on lithium battery systems in any Boatyard or Marina.

I no longer offer general electrical work and I’m concentrating on the jobs that I specialise in.

Ed Shiers 07922 163072. fourcountiesmarineservices@gmail.com The best way to contact me is by calling. If I don’t answer send a text or WhatsApp message and I always call back ASAP. It’s just me and I’m always busy so jobs need to be booked in months in advance.