Lithium (LiPeFe4) Batteries are a big deal and offer huge benefits for liveaboard boaters. I work on the systems surrounding them installing equipment required to fit them.

Having a strong, powerful and reliable charging systems is fundamental and any deficiencies quickly become apparent. I have specific alternator upgrades for many of the most popular engines including:

  • For HMI Isuzu Canaline engines I’ve produced a Iskra 175 amp kit with 6PK Poly V conversion.
  • For Barrus Shire 45/50 I have an Iskra 175 amp kit to replace the 240 amp Prestolite setup which has performance issues and can’t reliably be used.
  • For the 3.5 Travel Power there’s a 12V 175 amp or 24V 110 amp conversion available.
  • For a new-build it’s worth choosing an engine setup that can easily be adapted to charge Lithiums. Some engines are far better suited than others. At this point it’s worth considering a 24 volt or even 48 volt system.
  • You don’t need an expensive Mastervolt or Balmar alternator and I’d advise against some of these alternators in certain installs due to the inability to run a freewheeling pulley.

Many engines from Beta and Engines Plus already have a 175 amp Iskra alternator which is a great starting point.

An Alternator Controller such as a Mastervolt Alpha Pro or a Balmar MC-614 are ideal for charging lithiums with many advantages over other methods. I keep both units in stock and have the equipment to program and setup all of the Victron and Mastervolt kit.

Any questions please call. I’m happy to work with my customer to install a system to their spec, or to carryout work on specific components of a previous installation such as alternator/charging upgrade or battery monitoring and control.