I specialise in alternator and charging systems upgrades. Some of the setups/upgrades I’ve developed myself and they aren’t available anywhere else. With the increase in popularity of larger Lead Acid battery banks and Lithium batteries, or a need to fit a washing machine improving charging performance has become much more important – some of the original engine & boatbuilder factory setups are poor and inadequate and can be significantly improved.

I’m still developing this page and have described some specific upgrades (Isuzu, Barrus, Vetus) if you scroll through my blog. I’ve done certain upgrades multiple times on some specific engine models – Isuzu, Beta, Barrus, Lister, Vetus etc… and will add them to this page at some point.

This page also ties in with my work on Lithium systems – it’s useful and often necessary to improve and modify alternator charging system when installing a Lithium Battery Bank.

Installing a washing machine is a big deal and can turn a holiday boat into a liveaboard. It’s often necessary to improve alternator performance in order to keep up with a large inverter running a washing machine. I can complete the job from scratch  – charging system, battery monitor, inverter and washing machine. It’s sometimes possible to fit a smaller 1300 watt heater element to a washing machine to decrease loads on the inverter/charging system – please call for details.

Isuzu 175 Amp Alternator Upgrade.

The Isuzu engines are excellent but factory domestic charging setup is particularly poor. I have a 175A upgrade which is available for most of the 4 cylinder engines. It requires a 6PK crank pulley which is available if your engine doesn’t have one fitted.


Barrus Shire Engines

**New** 175 amp high quality alternator setup for some Barrus Shire 45’s with V belt running the now discontinued 110 amp Prestolite RDG5725. 6PK crank pulley conversion, freewheeling alternator pulley, custom folded stainless steel bracket mounting bracket and adjusting arm. This kit isn’t suitable for all Barrus 45’s – call me to find out if it’s suitable.


I have an upgrade on the ‘single belted’ Barrus Shire replacing the low output 80 amp alternator with a much more powerful 90 amp alternator – fitted to over 100 boats over the last 10 years. Other upgrades available on the latest Barrus Shire engines – some details if you scroll through here.

Beta Marine Engines

It’s possible to replace the troublesome solid aluminium poly-V pulleys fitted to the travel power and domestic alternators on some Beta 38, BV1903, Beta 43 & Beta 50 engines. A smaller freewheeling pulley is available for the 95 Amp Iskra or this can be replaced with the 175 amp alternator as fitted to the later engines – which I keep in stock as a kit along with the custom Beta made freewheeling pulley and new belt.

Beta 1505 90 amp alternator with small 65mm pulley, wider XPA belt upgrade and cable sizes uprated to 35mm. Transforms charging performance from the standard original setup: