610 Watt Solar Power. Victron SmartSolar 100/50 MPPT Controller. My own custom Mounting Brackets.

Fit a solar power system for a livaboard continuous cruiser in Sheffield Basin.


Panels are neatly mounted flat with my custom made stainless steel brackets. Wired in series through a Victron SmartSolar 100/50 controller so the system can be monitored using the Victron Connect App.


Also fit a Nasa battery monitor and neat & efficient Victron 800W inverter and bring all associated wiring up to spec to suit all the new gear.


60ft Aqualine Narrowboat. Isuzu 42 Charging Upgrade. Victron Cyrix.

Ultimate charging upgrade for an Isuzu 42 with standard V pulleys. 120 amp domestic and 90 amp start alternators with custom pulleys/quadpower belts twinned with Victron Cyrix combiner. ***As of April 2020 I now have a 175A Poly V with Freewheeling pulley drive available for these Isuzu engines.***

1300 watt Candy 100f fitted from new but the original 70amp alternator doesn’t keep up at any engine speed and batteries take a hammering which always happens on the Aqualine boats of this era.

Now generates 1.1kw at 800rpm tickover and excess power just off tickover.