***I have a kit with a 6PK poly-v crank pulley conversion so this alternator to be fitted to some other Barrus Shire.***

Narrowboat Funky Fish at Sherborne Wharf. Remove faulty obsolete Dometic 230V Travel Power replacing with a 12V 200 amp Bosch alternator, along with the full Mastervolt kit.

Modify the Bosch alternator adding a tacho feed and adapting the regulator to work with a Mastervolt Alpha Pro. Mastervolt modify the bolt-through Mercedes Sprinter version of this Bosch alternator and sell it for ~£1800- https://www.chmarine.com/mastervolt-alpha-compact-alternator-14-200a/ The version I fit has pivot type mounting/tensioning which is much more suited to all the engines I work on.

Setup really is awesome delivering over 250 amps under load. With the full Mastervolt setup alternator temperature is monitored and output backed off if necessary giving unstressed & reliable power. And there’s a small engine feature which limits alternator load below a preset rpm.

Fit 6* Leoch AGM 12V batteries and perfectly balance. Overall I’m really impressed with the Mastervolt system.

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