Went out to charging/battery problems on a Stoke-on-Trent boat with Beta 43 and unusual Delco Remy 12V 150A alternator. Main negative lead from batteries taken to engine bearer so engine/alternator earthing through just exhaust/hull. An Adverc has been fitted but since the earth senses at alternator and postive at batteries it doesn’t compensate for any voltage drops on neagtive charge lead – charging voltage approx 0.5V down at 60 amps. Been like that since built in 2003 but problems develop as new owner is a livaboard. Moving earth to alternator casing solves poor charging voltages. New 600AH bank of Trojan batteries fitted with Adverc adjusted to suit.

Before and after photos. Before 3KW Victron Multiplus drawing from one end of bank. Batteries rearranged in the tray to limit cable runs and fit a Victron BMV700 Monitor. If you look carefully they’re now properly balanced. Used best quality copper tube terminals with 50mm tinned cable.

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